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NAQSH Trading Journey based on realizing diversity and being dynamic through exposure to various supply chains, hence securing high-standard crops from the best farms in the country. Our skillful team supervises the processing stage which we outsource; this team manages the quality control and assurance process to validate that every item carrying NAQSH’s name is among the best in the world. Our commitment to innovation knows no bounds, whether in our durable packaging or adhering to the latest technologies in storing our goods, taking into consideration the international standards and the recommended storage instructions to deliver the best Egyptian herbs and spices.

Being one of the food suppliers in Egypt, one of our main core values is that we pay attention to the most minute of details to guarantee the smooth running of our operations, as well as the satisfaction of our clients in acquiring their shipments in pristine conditions and in a timely manner.

The thing that sets NAQSH Trading apart is our diligence in the selection of our crop suppliers and our relentless efforts in assuring the quality of our process from start to end, along with our punctuality and competitive shipment periods, thus building credibility with our clients and creating sustainable business relations that are based on trust.